Republic of Sol Angelina Eberly Sunglasses

Here at Republic of Sol we take pride in every style of sunglasses that we create for the true Austinite and Texan alike. Every style is handpicked carefully, the iconic names are chosen to express our culture and awareness that surrounds our Austin. In the choosing of our latest style, Angelina Eberly, we wanted to express our greatest gratitude to the innkeeper that kept the Austin archives in our city in naming us the Capital of Texas, thank you Ms. Eberly! ROS is not just a wooden sunglasses company geared towards stylish creativity to your eyes, but also disclosing to our viewers and followers what true beauty Austin holds! We have such great back history, and true Austinites that strive to bring understanding of Austin, Texas as a whole to you!

We are proud of Austin and look for us soon on posting again, we are Republic of Sol.